Sensitivity: How to Fix Sensitive Teeth

Sensitivity_How to Fix Sensitive Teeth

What is sensitivity

When teeth experience a squirming sensation on intake of cold or hot foods or beverages,then it is referred as sensitivity or better called as dental hypersensitivity. Lets see how to fix sensitive teeth.

To understand Sensitivity, it is mandatory to know the difference between sensitivity and hyper – sensitivity. If consuming cold or hot foods or beverages causes only a sense of coolness or warmth and Sensitivity-Sensitive Teethdo not cause any kind of discomfort, then it is referred as ‘sensitivity’. But if this feeling or sensation turns into pain and discomfort, then it should be better called as hyper – sensitivity .

So it is completely normal for a vital teeth to be sensitive, but if they are hypersensitive, then its an abnormal thing and treatment is required for this condition. Colloquially, dental hypersensitivity itself is been addressed as sensitivity

How Sensitivity occurs

Our teeth are made up of three layers ; outermost most ‘ enamel ‘ followed by ‘dentine’ and  ‘pulp’ forming innermost core. Over the root portion of Teeth,’ cementum ‘ is found rather than enamel

Nerves of teeth are limited to Pulp and Dentin only. Enamel and cementum are free from it. If enamel or cementum wear off due to some reason, then nerves of tooth get directly exposed to the external environment, which results into dental sensitivity.

Causes of Sensitivity
Sensitivity-How to Fix Sensitive Teeth_hard toothbrush

Possible causes of sensitivity are:
1 . Abrasion : Wear of enamel by the use of hard toothbrush or toothpaste containing rough/coarse
particles is known as abrasion.
2 . Attrition : If wear  occurs on biting and chewing surface of the teeth, then it isSensitivity-How to Fix Sensitive Teeth_attritioncalled Attrition.
This wear may occur due to various reasons, such as :
• Mutual friction between upper and lower teeth: This friction usually occurs gradually with age , but an uneven occlusion of upper and lower teeth  or in stress situations, this friction increases.
• Tobacco  chewing.
• Use of hard toothbrush or toothpaste containing abrasive particles .
3 . Erosion : Due to consumption of acidic foods and beverages, teeth begin to decompose, this is known as Erosion. Erosion can also be seen in patients of gastric acid reflux.
4. Broken Fillings or Cavity Formation: Cavity formation due to tooth decay can also result in tooth sensitivity.
5. Tooth fracture: an accidental breakage of some part of the tooth may create sensitivity in tooth .

6 . Pyorrhoea : roots of teeth are covered by gums. Due to pyorrhea, Gums begin to detach from tooth. This ultimately leads to dental sensitivity.

Treatment of SensitivitySensitivity-How to Fix Sensitive Teeth_antisensitive toothbrush

Treatment of a sensitivity includes following:
1. Anti-Sensitive Toothpaste, Tooth brush and Mouthwash: In most of the cases, where wear of enamel or cementum is not significant, this treatment is sufficient.
2. Filling: In case of presence of cavity or extreme abrasion of tooth, repair of tooth is accomplished by filling.
3. Root canal therapy: Severing of Sensitivity or presence a deep cavity may require root canal treatment.

4. Graft: In case of pyorrhea, degenerated gum part is replaced by a gum graft.
5. Crown: In case of fracture of the tooth, it is covered by crown.


Sensitivity can be prevented by:
1. Using high quality toothpaste consisting of fine abrasive particles.
2. Avoiding use of hard toothbrush, cheap tooth-powders, coal, tobacco etc. to clean teeth.Sensitivity: How to Fix Sensitive Teeth_acidic foods_lemon
4. Avoiding overuse of acidic and sour foods such as Lemon, tamarind etc. and beverages such as carbonated cold drinks, soda, etc.
5. Staying away from Liquor and tobacco.
6. Maintenance of oral hygiene properly and minimizing the possibility of cavity and pyorrhoea.

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