Even after regular tooth brushing and oral care, teeth require a periodic professional look after. Moreover, If this home care is inadequate, professional assistance becomes mandatory.
Tartar and stains which cannot be removed by brushing alone, requires a dental in-office professional dental cleaning called Teeth Scaling.

When Teeth Scaling is Required

Scaling of teeth is indicated for:

Procedure of Teeth Scaling

Dentist generally use an electronic device which produce a vibratory stimulus.This vibratory force dislodge tartar and stains off tooth which results in cleaning of teeth. 

Teeth Scaling Facts 

  • It is possible to have some sensitivity in teeth after scaling, that resolves on its own in 2-3 days.Teeth-scaling_dirty teeth

  • Teeth Scaling removes  thick and hard tartar from teeth. This change from unclean to cleaner teeth may give a bit odd feeling after the procedure. Within few days, patient gets acclimatize and used to the new cleaner teeth.Teeth-scaling_cleaner teeth

  •  In case of swollen and inflamed gums, bleeding may occur while procedure, which is however absolutely normal.

Is this Painful

Teeth Scaling is usually is a painless procedure.

Required Appointments for in-office Dental Cleaning

Teeth Scaling usually requires single appointment, but additional appointments may be required.

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