Bad Breath

Mouth is the mirror of body. A bad odor arising from it not only hampers health but also affects confidence level of an individual. Bad breath may also be an indication of other diseases of body.


1. The primary and most common cause of bad breath is poor oral hygiene. This impaired oral hygiene leads to entrapped food remnants within teeth and gums and dirt accumulation over tongue.

This unhygienic atmosphere facilitates build up of germs, which produce a chemical substance called 'volatile sulphur compound' (VSC), which is foul smelling.

2. Progressing infection may lead to pus formation within teeth and gums which itself may generate foul odor.

3. Apart from this, a fungal(yeast) infection in mouth may also lead to bad breath.

4. Tonsillitis, Throat and respiratory infections may also contribute to oral malodor.

5. Certainl bodily conditions like adolescence, pregnancy, irregular menstruation may create a hormonal imbalance in body. This can also lead to bad breath.

6. Moreover, digestive troubles and gastric acidity may also lead to bad breath.


1. Professional teeth and gums cleaning(Scaling)

2. Medications may be given in case gum and tooth abscess.

3. If the cause of malodor is extraoral, like respiratory, digestive or hormonal, then they must be addressed accordingly.


1. Toothbrushing along with mouthwash use twice a day.

2. Regular cleaning of tongue by tongue cleaner.

3. Maintain healthy eating habits and lifestyle to avoid digestive and respiratory problems.

4. In case of special conditions involving hormonal imbalances, provide extra attention towards oral hygiene.


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