Tooth Abscess: Dental Abscess Facts

Tooth Abscess-Dental Abscess

Infection of tooth ‘pulp’ results in its rotting and decomposition, which leads to formation of pus within tooth, called Tooth abscess.

What Symptoms are usually present with Tooth Abscess
  • If the abscess is acute, it can create a ‘pressure-cooker’ like condition in tooth and can result in Tooth Abscess-symptomssevere pain. It may get accompanied with Fever, body-ache etc.
  • But if abscess is chronic, pain may be mild or even absent. Pus sometimes ooze out from gums or cheek, if left untreated.
What Causes Tooth Abscess
Infection of pulp due to tooth decay or fracture.
Adverse events
If left untreated, Abscess in tooth can progress further and can infect jaw bone, which can even result in damage of bone.
Treatment of Tooth Abscess
Drainage of pus is a must for treating abscess in tooth. This drainage is done by following ways:
  • Root Canal treatment.Tooth Abscess-treatment
  • Tooth extraction.
  • Incision and drainage: if pus protrudes out in mouth in the form of a swelling or boil, then then it is drained out by incising over the swelling/boil.Tooth Abscess-antibiotics and pain killers
Antibiotics and pain-killers may be given along with the above treatment methods.

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