Like every other organ of body, teeth are also vital and living. Vitality of tooth is centered in ‘pulp’, which is present in the core of tooth in tubule like  structures, extending into roots of tooth called ‘root canals’.

All the blood vessels and nerves of tooth are present within pulp. Due to cavity formation or trauma to tooth, the outer layers of tooth covering pulp, viz. enamel and dentin diminish. This results in infection of pulp. This infected pulp needs to be removed in order to bring tooth in healthy state. The treatment employed for this is known as Root Canal Procedure or Root Canal Treatment.

What is done in Root Canal Procedure
By use of appropriate techniques and instrumentation, infected pulp is removed from root canals and are filled with suitable filling material.
Is this Painful
Root canal procedure is usually a painless procedure. Local anesthesia may be required to carry out the treatment.
Required Sittings
It may require single to multiple sittings for root canal procedure to complete.
What after Root Canal Procedure
Root canal treated teeth are brittle as compared to to normal teeth and are more prone to fracture and breakage. To minimize chances of such adverse events, treated tooth is covered with a crown.

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