October 10, 2015

False teeth: Complete Denture

complete-denture-false-teethImagine yourself without teeth. Tragic…right? A toothless mouth may result in a series of impairments to the native. Apart from chewing and biting disability, it hampers facial appearance and self-confidence.

A Complete Denture or False Teeth comes as an ideal solution to fix all these issues.

What are False Teeth/Complete Denture
It is basically a set of  artificial teeth mounted over an acrylic base(plate).
False Teeth/Complete Denture may be of removable and fixed types.
Removable Complete dentures
These are the most widely used variety amongst the two. Such types of denture seats directly over the  gums and can be worn and removed at will.
Fixed/Permanent Complete Denturefixed denture
These type of dentures use implants to get supported. Here, around 4 implants each are socketed into both  upper and lower jaw bones, which act as supporting pillars for denture. Denture is then fitted over them.
Which one is better
Both have their own pros and cons, but the main detrimental factor is cost, as fixed dentures due to involvement of implants reach at a much higher price level.
  • False Teeth/Complete Denture making involves a series of  steps, in which different impressions and  measurements of mouth and jaw are taken.denture_procedure
  • This whole process may take 5 or more sittings.
  • If it is fixed denture, all these steps are performed after fixing implants. 

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False teeth: Complete Denture
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