Frequently asked questions on dental healthWhy dental procedures like tooth extraction and root canal treatment cannot be done in uncontrolled diabetes?
In uncontrolled diabetes, body’s resistance against infection gets impaired. So, tooth infection may fail to eradicate or surgical wound may not heal well.
That’s why such dental treatments or any other surgical procedures are avoided in uncontrolled diabetes.

Why tooth extraction and other oral surgical procedures cannot be done in high blood pressure?
An elevated blood pressure leads to a risk of increased bleeding during surgical procedures. This is the reason why tooth extraction and oral surgical procedures are avoided in high blood pressure.

I do not chew tobacco, in spite of that I’m having dental and oral problems. Why?
Tobacco chewing and other adverse habits are a major but  not the sole cause of oral and dental ailments.
Impaired oral hygiene is the culprit for the majority of oral problems. So, along with avoidance of adverse habits, maintenance of oral hygiene is also a must for staying away from dental problems.

I do not need root canal treatment, medicines work for me…
Medicines like antibiotics and pain-killers relieve pain and clears infection. But in case of tooth, germs are present within compact area of tooth which even out of reach of medicines.
That’s why, medications only lead to incomplete eradication of infection, which may recur again.
Moreover, ignorant use of antibiotics makes infection adamant and resistant to treatment. It also impairs immune system of body. So, medications are just an adjunct, not a replacement to dental procedures.

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