Dental Facts & Myths: Common Myths & Facts about oral health

dental facts and myths

In spite of increasing awareness and information flow, there are some myths regarding oral and dental health. Here are some of the common dental facts and myths, which will help to clear up insights.

Dental Myth no.1
Upper tooth extraction can affect eye vision
Dental Fact no.1
There are separate Nerve and blood supplies for teeth and eyes and there is no such connection between them, so as to result in an affected vision.

Dental Myth no.2
Brushing should be done forcefully to allow proper cleaning of teeth
Dental Fact no.2
Teeth can be cleaned very well with light strokes of tooth brush. This does not require an extra force application. A forceful and vigorous tooth brushing can wear and abrade tooth, which can make tooth weak and sensitive.

Dental Myth no.3
Massaging with tobacco can relieve sensitive teeth
Dental Fact no.3
Intoxicating effect of tobacco can temporarily desensitize a tooth but cannot permanently eradicate sensitivity. Instead it abrades teeth and make them more weak and sensitive in long run. Moreover, it makes individual addicted, which makes it difficult to leave.

Dental Myth no.4
Scaling (professional tooth and gum cleaning) can weaken teeth.
Dental Fact no.4
Scaling actually removes accumulated tartar from teeth. Their removal exposes complete length of teeth and they appear taller than before. Along with this, teeth may become a bit sensitive after scaling for few days. This creates a doubt of teeth getting weak, which is actually wrong. Moreover, some individuals think that there is no requirement of home care of teeth after scaling. This makes them neglecting oral hygiene and consequently teeth become weak.

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