Tooth Crown or a Dental Crown is a hollow artificial prosthesis, having a tooth like appearance and meant to provide a coverage to tooth, after it has been decayed, fractured or root canal treated. It serves to restore the functions of affected tooth like chewing, biting and esthetics. It is fabricated as a coping over the affected tooth and is custom designed for the patient.

Indication of Dental Crown
  • Decayed, fractured and root canal treated tooth.

Types Of Dental Crown
Dental Crown can be metallic or tooth colored. Both are almost equally good strength wise, but as far as aesthetics is concerned, tooth colored crowns are far better.

Procedure employed for Dental Crowndental-crown procedure
  • The tooth over which crown is to be made, is shaped and designed to facilitate proper fit and adaptation of crown.        
  • Then an artificial model of patient’s teeth is made, over which crown is made.
Prepared crown is then fitted over the tooth.

Required Sittings
Special laboratories are required to prepare Dental Crown, as they are made specifically for a tooth, according to its pattern and configuration. That’s why, it takes more than one appointment to get a crown seated.

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