Dental Fillings: Tooth Filling Facts

Dental Fillings-Tooth Filling Facts
Having a cavity in tooth can be really troublesome and if not treated, it can result in serious consequences. To correct the problem, dental fillings are the obvious and most often used aid.
  • First of all, decayed material from cavity is removed.
  • Cavity is then shaped and designed, so as to allow a better adaptation of dental filling material into it.
  • In the end, cavity is filled with an appropriate filling material.

Types of Dental Fillings
dental-fillings-composite filling
Dental Fillings can be metallic or tooth-colored. Choice of filling material depends on many factors, such as location of tooth (front or back), condition of tooth, patient choice etc.
Required Appointments
It usually takes only single appointment for a Tooth filling to be done.
Is It Painful
No, Dental filling it is usually a painless procedure.

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