Wisdom Tooth: Mr. Notorious in the world of dentition

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What is a wisdom tooth? 

Wisdom Tooth is the last tooth in all quadrants of dentition. It is positioned 3rd of all molar teeth, so also called 3rd Molar. 

Why it is called 'Wisdom' tooth? 

Wisdom tooth usually erupt between 17 to 21 years of age,unlike other teeth which erupt till 12-13 years of age. So, as they erupt during the onset of adulthood, they are considered as a symbol of wisdom. 


Wisdom Tooth most of the time has a troubled eruption. Many times its erupts tilted either forward, backward, downward or outward. Sometimes it even do not erupt at all and remains impacted or submerged within the jaw bone. It may also be partially impacted and remain covered from gum skin at some area. This gum skin acts as an open pocket which often gets accumulated with food debris. This further can lead to infection and pus formation in gum tissue. 
Due to these factors, it poses difficulty to a native like pain, swelling, impaired mouth opening. 
Moreover, It can pressurize front teeth which can lead to their weakening and malalignment.

Symptoms of a troubled wisdom tooth eruption

  •  Pain at the region of wisdom tooth, which may radiate to   jaw, head, ear. 
  •  Reduced and Difficult mouth opening. 
  •  Swelling on jaw.
  •  Swollen covering gum tissue(Pericoronitis), which may lead to abscess. 
  •  Increased malalignment within front teeth. 


- Appropriate antibiotics and pain killers are prescribed by your dentist, if required. 

- When these measures does not help, then the gum tissue over the tooth is surgically removed,called operculectomy. 

- If wisdom tooth is causing lacerations or trauma to opposing gum or cheek, then sharp areas from the tooth are slightly grinded to round them off, called Enameloplasty. 

-The last resort is removal of tooth,which many times has to be done surgically. 


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